Yardbirds Add Environmentally Friendly Flare to Homes and Gardens

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Homeowners take great pride in creating an aesthetically pleasing experience in front of and around their houses. Travel through any suburban neighborhood and you'll likely see familiar ornaments placed throughout the yards, from plastic flamingos, to iconic lawn gnomes. Yardbirds have emerged as an unorthodox home decorating option for those who want to stand out from their neighbors. Made from recycled metal, these sculptures are environmentally friendly and unique.

Yardbirds are the brainchild of artist Richard Kolb. The concept was simple. Instead of throwing away unused metal, Kolb decided to recycle the scraps to craft a new style of decor. The first bird was built from materials one may commonly find in a junkyard. Each sculpture is handmade, making it virtually impossible to own a duplicate model. The beauty is in the individuality.

The creations are crafted in Kentucky. They are predominantly sold on websites that specialize in the home and garden market, but also can be found on sites that sell various gifts. The best part: they never sell out! All older designs can be ordered at any time. A full line of products is available, so look for a retailer that carries all forms and functions.

Yardbirds are more than display pieces. They enhance some of the more traditional household decor. Pick up those plants off the ground, and drop them in stylish pot holder. In the living room, replace the old wall clock, overstuffed coat rack, or conveniently placed key holder. Spice up the kitchen with new salt and pepper shakers, napkin dispensers, and wine bottle holders.

Don't be fooled by the name, Yardbirds aren't limited to the feathered variety. The entire animal kingdom is represented. Dog lovers will find their favorite breed (everything from Bulldogs, to Chihuahuas, to German Shepherds), along with cats, mice, snakes, rabbits, and horses. Of course, turkeys, peacocks, and chickens are among the bird species to choose from.

Your new sculptures won't retain their silver tone forever. All metallic surfaces rust with age. Rust is a corrosive effect that develops when metal is in constant contact with oxygen and water. Exposure to the outdoors naturally accelerates the process. Industrial rust remover can be found at most supermarkets. Look for a remover that contains oxalic acid, follow the instructions provide carefully, and scrub well. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hand against chemical ingredients. After thoroughly striping the rust, lubricate the sculpture with a coat of rust prevention solution, which is available at most hardware stores. The surest way to delay rust is to bring sculptures indoors during inclement weather. Ultimately, rust is inevitable and can be considered part of your sculpture's charm.

You might want to think of creating a scene with the sculptures. A group of ducks around a pond would make a nice display. Or some dogs seemingly chasing after a few little critters is sure to garner some grins from the neighbors.

Shoppers need not settle for the same ole, mundane home decorations. Whether you're applying the finishing touch t o a new garden, or revamping an old room, Yardbirds fit every occasion. New designs are conceived frequently, so be sure to keep an eye out. And remember, no two sculptures are exactly alike.

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Yardbirds Add Environmentally Friendly Flare to Homes and Gardens

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This article was published on 2010/11/13