Who's Closer, Friends or Family?

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You know that you can rely on family in tough time whether you are experienced a healthy problem, a financial dilemma or mental series. But today's definition of family has change considerably. And I think that friends also play an important role in your heart, even more important than family. Which one you will choose, family or friends? The meaning of family has become more individualized, since social bonds, adoption, blended families, divorce and remarriage increasing.

Are you close your family or friends? Here is a questionnaire. Start it.

1.Your best childhood memories involve

Times that you spent with your childhood friends

Times that you spent with your family

2.At your wedding, your maid of honor or best man was / would be:

A family member A friend

3.Who is better at comforting you?

Your family Your friends

4.If you need a favor that's very important, who are you more likely to ask to do it?

Your family Your friends

5.Who gives you better advice and feedback?

Your family Your friends

6.Who is more honest with you?

Your family Your friends

7.Who do you laugh more around?

Your family Your friends

8.Who is more likely to respect differences you have with them?

Your family Your friends

9.Who is more likely to ask too much of you?

Your family Your friends

10.Who is better at keeping promises to you?

Your friends Your family (the questionnaire from http://www.blogthings.com/areyouclosertoyourfriendsorfamilyquiz/)

The answer is if your family choice is more than friend's, which means that family is much closer than friends, but conversely.

Closing a family and friends round seems like it shouldn't be that hard. You're presenting to a room full of people who love you, asking them for cash.

But it's actually pretty tricky. Speaking to people close to you about a business idea is incredibly nerve-wracking. After all, if the company tanks you're letting down loved ones, not loaded investors who know what's at stake.

Getting family and friends to invest in you is more challenging than you'd think, and like any other pitch, you'll receive far more rejection than support. But it's worth going for family and friends actually than traditional venture capitalists; $60 billion versus $21 billion.We spoke with three entrepreneurs to find that fine line between casual and professional pitching that will make people close to you whip out their check books.

As for me, family are those people in my life who take time to understand and know me, they give me not only financial support, but more important they are my warm haven no matter how heavy the rain and wind outside, they give me unselfish love, my strong backing..


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Who's Closer, Friends or Family?

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Who's Closer, Friends or Family?

This article was published on 2010/10/12