What's Needed for Your First Apartment Home?

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Whenever you move into your very first apartment home, it is usually exciting and fun. There are some things you will want for each room of your apartment.

In the kitchen area, be sure to get a drain stopper. If your apartment has a garbage disposal, you may already have a sink stopper. A dish rack is crucial if your apartment doesn't come with a dishwasher. Obviously you will need eating and cooking supplies such as knives, forks, spoons, dishware, and cookware. An easy oversight for most is the need for a can opener and ice cube tray if there is not an ice maker in the freezer.

For your bathroom, you will want to purchase a toilet plunger, a toilet bowl brush and a shower curtain with hooks. If you like to take baths rather than showers, you will need a tub stopper. You may need an additional towel rack. It is simple to find towel racks that don't require screws and hang over the door, so that you don't have to put holes in the wall. It's always nice to step out of the shower onto a floor mat instead of a bare floor, so you might want to get a floor mat.

There are supplies that you will want to clean each room in your apartment. Make sure you get garbage cans and bags, dishwasher or dishwashing detergent, dusting supplies, a broom and dustpan. Also, you'll need good cleaners that will clean sinks, windows, toilets, counters, tubs and floors. Most of these supplies you can find fairly inexpensively. If you have carpet, you'll need a vacuum cleaner and there are numerous affordable options.

If you need to furnish your apartment, then furniture and decorations will be important. For this category, personal taste and desires come into play. Besides the basic furnishings such as a bed, couch, dresser, table, etc, you can have fun with decorating and choosing colors. Have fun adding your own style and personal touch to your first apartment.

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What's Needed for Your First Apartment Home?

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What's Needed for Your First Apartment Home?

This article was published on 2011/02/17