Using Trims Throughout the Home

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Trims are a great way to tie together a look in a space or to add an accent to that space. You will find that when it comes to decorating your home, or any project you are designing, it is the finishing pieces that make the biggest impact when the project is complete. This is one of the reasons people spend a good bit of time turning to the trim on their various decor pieces. These details can help set apart an okay design from a fabulously finished piece. Take a look at some of the options you have for beautifying your home with these pieces.

Ball trim is one of the options that you have. These feature a strip across the top that is solid and generally offers several small balls that hang from it, though there are other variations. Ball fringe has been a popular option in many homes (and in various other decorative projects) for years. You can create this look using a variety of designs, though. For example, consider using beads rather than fabrics. These are great for adding a decorative element to pillows or to curtains. They also work very well hanging off the edge of lampshades. Get creative when using them.

Decorative bead trim is another option to consider investing in. This type of trim is usually more substantive in terms of the impact it will have on the various decorative items you place them on. However, because the beads are used, these pieces will have more shine and glimmer when used. This type of decorative element can work very well on lampshades, handbags and even on some types of clothing. The sparkle and the movement of the beads are sure to add a bit of drama to your look, no matter what look you are after. A large selection of colors ranging from earth tones to more dramatic colors is available.

For those looking for trims that add less decorative and flare elements, but more substance to the piece, consider bullion fringes. These are often strong pieces because they are longer and denser. This makes more of a statement when added to your decor. You can use them on furniture as well as on curtains and pillows for a more substantial look. While there are various sizes available, you will find that most have very densely packed fiber twirls placed next to each other and linked at the top. Use these in the color of your choice on decorative items that feature the same color or use them for contrasting color.

Another type of trim to consider using in your home is called the woven braid. This is an excellent choice when you want intricate detailing to make a statement in the piece you are creating. Consider gimps and cords of various colors for your home decor needs. You will find options that range from 3 16ths of an inch up to a quarter of an inch and numerous sizes in between. You can select lip cords which are narrow. You may want to use several of these to create a look. Faux options are available, too. Use these trims in a variety of settings including delicate drapes, tablecloths, clothing and accessories. They are very flexible and available in a wide range of colors, too.

Adding decorative trims like these to your home's decor will add that extra bit of excellence to the piece. They will help to create a look that you love and one that simply offers you the type of dazzle you are after. Choose from a wide selection of trim pieces that can be interchanged to create just the right look for your needs.

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Using Trims Throughout the Home

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This article was published on 2010/10/15