Using Digital Photo Frames to Manage All Your Family Photos

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When we compare our past and the present, we can say that technology has really revolutionized the way we live and think. From agriculture to airplanes to telecommunication to robots, technology has improved our lives and greatly influence what people use, people do and people create. Technology has taken us to the next level of civilization. At the heart of it is the already seemingly indispensable tool of today's generation - the computer or microchip to be more precise.

We now live in an almost computerized and digital world. Most of our household appliances have a digital heart managing them, digital washing machines, digital alarm clocks, computerized tubs, digital calculators, digital sunglasses and digital cameras etc.

In the past, there are a lot of processes and time involved to take and print pictures with a normal camera. There was a need to use the photo film after which will be soaked into some chemicals and allow them to dry in a black room. This traditional way of printing was replaced by putting the films into a printing machine. This machine reads the films and prints them. From hours of waiting, this has decreased to minutes. Again, it was replaced by digital camera where printing can be done right in your computer in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is transfer the photos into your computer and print them. You can even retouch your images using some user-friendly software. Technology did not stop into improving the science of photography. Now here comes the revolutionary digital photo frame.

What is a digital photo frame? A digital photo frame is a digital equivalent of a normal photo album or a photo frame that we were using until now to keep our photos and show them to our guests. A digital photo frame on the other hand displays digital photos without the need of a printer or computer. The good thing about it is that it can display photos in your TV set also.

There are many kinds of digital photo frames. Some can only show pictures in JPEG format but most digital photo frames display the pictures in a slide show. Some digital frames are capable of displaying tiled images or thumbnail images or PIP (picture in picture). The user can also adjust the speed of display through its adjustable time interval.

Other digital photo frames support other multimedia content apart from the photographs. These special digital photo frames may show movie clips through the camera's movie mode, MPEG files or can even play MP3 or MP4 audio files.

Another feature of some digital photo frames is that it can load pictures over the internet using different programs such as RSS and photo sharing. One may easily find sites from the net that offer such programs. Not only pictures are displayed in the digital photo frame, the owner may actually feed texts along with the pictures. This way the viewer may read the description of the photograph.

Some digital photo frames come with additional features such as alarm clock, personal organizer, playing music in the background, various transitions etc. You can place a digital photo frame on a table desktop or you can mount it on a wall. Digital photo frames, based on memory capacity can hold hundreds of photos and you have full control on how to display your photos to your guests. If you are a digital photography hobbyist or having trouble with preserving your photos with normal photo albums, these digital photo frames offer you many features to organize and safeguard your family

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Using Digital Photo Frames to Manage All Your Family Photos

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Using Digital Photo Frames to Manage All Your Family Photos

This article was published on 2011/01/21