The Rules of Cleanliness While Living With Roommates

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It can be extremely difficult to get along with your roommates if you have incompatibilities that actually show up on a daily basis.  The most common disagreement that occurs when several people are living together is the cleanliness of the house.  Buying groceries together and sharing an industrial sized jug of Gatorade powder isn't usually the problem between friends who are sharing living quarters, but the common area's cleanliness always seems to be a hot topic.  Usually people are more generous with their delicious Gatorade than with the amount of space that they have to sit down in a certain room.  To be clear, there are only a few things that you need to sit down and talk about when you are about to live when a group of people.  After these ground rules are set, be prepared to run into a few small problems, but also get ready for a great time with your newfound friends.


Living with others is an acquired skill.  You get good at it over time so don't worry if there are so rough spots over the course of a few months because you will get better at it as long as you are willing to learn.  It is more than simply doing your own dishes and vacuuming a couple times a month.  Tolerance is usually the secret to a harmonious living environment.  Respect falls into the secret category as well.  If you learn these two things, it will only get easier.  If you are someone who prefers the common areas like the kitchen or the bathrooms to be spic and span, then it's recommended that you buy some cleaning supplies like clean room wipes in order to gently encourage people to wipe down counters and clean the stove after they are done with it.


Also, if you are a messy person, try to compromise with those who are neater.  Your room should be your own personal space and no one should be allowed to comment on this personal area, but being courteous can lead to a very rewarding and lasting relationship with your friends and roommates.  Keeping the shower clean with some cheap bouffant caps is also a great idea if anyone has longer hair in the house.  Always keeping communication lines completely open is the best way to maintain a house full of people.


There will always be moments of distress in a house full of people, but being positive and respectful of your roommates can make all the difference.


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The Rules of Cleanliness While Living With Roommates

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This article was published on 2010/09/09