Tabletop Fountains Miniaturize Your Worries And Wash Away Your Stress

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Life nowadays is larger than life. The statement does seem like a paradox. But it is a fact that everyone is living more, seeing more, and doing more. And this has been made possible because of tools that extend human perceptions beyond the normal and much further than the natural.

In doing so, we as human beings not only take in a larger sum of experiences each day than ever before, but are also bombarded with a greater amount of stress, both physical and mental. Tabletop fountains offer a simple solution to combat the overdrive of daily experiences.

We only use, absorb and take in what are deemed safe for our body. Whether it is the food we eat, the hours we spend on work, the sounds we expose ourselves to, or the thoughts we entertain. But what many fail to understand is that what is safe initially becomes toxic when it accumulates.

As the complexity of our everyday living increases, the level of toxicity we expose ourselves to, rises. The answer to this problem does not lie on the highways of our life that offer continual digital music that feeds straight into your ears, or in the million colored pixels of your plasma television that bombard your eyes with a storm of colors and seconds long images. The answer lies in simplifying your tastes, minimising your perceptions, and in the sight and sounds of tabletop fountains.

The idea of a tabletop fountain is to miniaturize your stress by minimizing, rather naturalising your perceptions. In the middle of a host of images and a cacaphony of sounds, when you focus your senses on something as simple as the sound of trinkling water, and the sight of that water flowing over hand carved wood, stone or metal, your mind is reminded of the truth that beauty and peace can be found even in the simplest of objects.

The stress and worry of the day that seemed so onerous to you in the beginning will seem to shrink and lose themselves in that small, beautiful world of table top fountains. After a few quite minutes, you will realise that while your troubles have been miniaturised, owing to the difference in perspective, your perceptions have only expanded. Instead of being numbed by a constant influx of sound and sight, your senses have been set free and your soul is liberated from all the worries and day-to-day trenches.

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Tabletop Fountains Miniaturize Your Worries And Wash Away Your Stress

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This article was published on 2010/03/27