Maintenance Guidelines in Decorating Wood Doors

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For most families, wood door is the necessary supplies or indispensable. Along with the development of the market, wooden door are now directly chosen by buying. If there was a problem in wooden door, is mainly the door pocket with the problem. The essence of the problem is, the businessman must not will use the same kind of material in door leaf and door pocket, real wood door leaf does not represent will use real wood door cover. If real wood using density board to do, because it does not contain works in water wooden fiber, will lead to foam deformation, so you had better to ask whether merchants a kind of material in door leaf and door pocket.

Notice: maintenance methods in wooden door

First, remove wood surface stain, using soft cotton cloth to wipe, use hard cloth to easily scratch the surface. Smear is too heavy, can use neuter cleaner/toothpaste or furniture special cleaner, to wipe. Note cloth soaked in neutral reagents or have water don't long place on wood surface, otherwise you will dip against surface, make surface facing material discoloration or detachment.

Second, do not let doors hanging overweight items.

Third, the edges and corners of wooden door cannot scrub overmuch, otherwise, it will cause edges’ paint dropped.

Fourth, remove wood surface stain (such as handprint), can use water wet hind, with soft cloth. Hard cloth may easily scratch the surface, if smear is too heavy; we can use the neutral detergent, toothpaste or furniture special cleaner, decontamination immediately after wiped clean. And the edges and corners of wooden door cannot regularly grind, lest cause angular place facing material fade and damaged. Clear the dust on the wooden door, do not use soft cotton cloth erased, can use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. To keep the wood surface gloss and service life, we may periodically clean and dust removal, can use wooden decoration products to its special maintenance liquid for surface maintenance.

Fifth, when we repaint the wall, we should cover wood door, avoid plaster coating make wooden door facing material detachment, and fade Color, which affect the overall appearance. Wooden door sealing side appear a partial stripping, we can use iron mat dry cloth to press it firmly.

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Maintenance Guidelines in Decorating Wood Doors

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This article was published on 2011/03/18